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Hate ads? So do we!

However, to provide student resources for free or at cost; we require advertising and sponsorships to cover expenses. To remove ads, consider becoming a donor. Donors don’t see Google ads.

Sponsorship options

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We don’t tolerate inappropriate ads

The Student Doctor Network is committed to showing only those ads that meet our standards for appropriate content. Ads on our site are sold by third-party advertising companies, including Google Ads, who share the ad revenue.

SDN does not select the ads that appear on the site.  The ads that display are relevant to you, generally based on your past browsing history.  SDN has implemented filters in an attempt to prevent unacceptable advertising from showing on the SDN site. However, filters don’t catch everything!

If you find any inappropriate ad being displayed, please contact us.  Ads that violate our acceptance standards will be removed from the site, and our filters will be adjusted to help prevent a recurrence.

Political ads

We attempt to block political ads. However, if you do see a political ad, it does not reflect the views of The Student Doctor Network or the Health Professional Student Association, which neither endorses nor opposes any candidate for elective office or any political position of the advertiser.


Our Privacy Policy contains additional information on the information SDN collects and how it is used.

Our Sponsorship Policy details our editorial independence policies.